Wastewater Management

Wastewater management is a crucial industry that is integrated into all aspects of modern day civilization. Whether it is cleaning industrial organic waste or providing clean drinking water for all to enjoy. EnviroTech prides itself in its 50+ years’ experience working hand and hand with the wastewater management industry to continue to provide new innovative solutions to our clients.

Filter cake produced during filtration process of wastewater requires efficient and environmentally friendly disposal methods. Total solid content therefore needs to be high in order to keep disposal costs low. EnviroTech membrane filter presses deliver the most efficient method of mechanical dewatering and drying and is therefore the predominant technology used in water and wastewater treatment. EnviroTech and Klinkau’s extensive range of membrane plates offer the ideal solutions for the most diverse needs. Existing chamber filter presses can be retrofitted with EnviroTech membrane filter plates. The variable design of the plates makes them also suitable for use on any standard make of membrane filter press in new facilities.


Applications: Wastewater Management

Municipal and industrial waste water

Efficient methods of dewatering are gaining in global importance due to environmental protection legislation. Landfill sites are also becoming increasingly scarce and are associated with constantly rising costs. Membrane filter technology offers the most efficient method of dewatering and fulfils any disposal requirement through its range of uses. Standard requirements for landfill disposal such as TS content and shearing strength are achieved using EnviroTech membrane filter plates irrespective of polymer flocculant or lime/iron conditioning. The addition of flammable materials such as coal-fine waste or plastics from recycling systems enable sewerage sludge to be dewatered with polymer flocculants to create self-flammable cake with high levels of TS content. Such cake can is then ideal for generating energy in thermal power plants.

Any type of industrial waste water – e.g. from steel works, plating industries, tanneries, paper mills or flue gas desulphurisation plants – can be easily and profitably dewatered and disposed of after preconditioning.

Welded or replaceable membrane filter elements of the empty-chamber type can be used for a range of different applications. EnviroTech membrane plates have specially designed inlets for highly adhesive filter cakes to enable automated cake release systems. Special plate types with 30-bar squeeze pressures and measuring up to 2m x 2m enable filtrate cake squeezing at especially high levels of solid content as well as the dewatering of problematic sewerage.

Ground water treatment and soil remediation

Ground water treatment and soil remediation have greatly gained in importance over recent years due to ongoing environmental laws and new methods of soil analysis.

New requirements in environmental management necessitate the treatment of ground water in landfills. Recent years have shown that soil often becomes contaminated due to environmental disasters. For example, EnviroTech’s empty chamber replaceable membrane filter plates were used for soil decontamination following an oil-tanker catastrophe in France.

Drinking water treatment

Special filter elements are crucial in the treatment of drinking water. Fast cycles and high flow rates are involved and filter plates with large filtration surface areas are used.

Filtration can become complex depending on the source of the untreated water. Conditioning takes place using polymers, alum or aluminium sulphates. However, official regulations may prevent treatment using conditioners. This then results in extremely thin filter cakes with a risk of differential pressures emerging from uneven cake formation within the individual chambers.

EnviroTech empty chamber filter plates are ideally equipped to cope with such difficult circumstances. EnviroTech’s overhanging membrane plates ranging in sizes from 1200mm to 2000mm x 2000mm have proven their operational ability here.

Filter presses are often equipped with mechanical systems for automated cake release. Filtrate drainage is therefore usually positioned externally and underneath.