Mold Optimization and Mold Troubleshooting

Maximizing injection mold performance is the key to maximum productivity and profitability. Despite their many advantages, polymer, resin and plastics of all types present some unique molding challenges – especially as compared to metal component production.

In most cases, these challenges stem from the design and manufacturing of the molds themselves.

But, as the design, engineering and fabrication of injection molds can be an expensive and time-consuming process, many companies look to less expensive mold suppliers from overseas. If you are struggling with the quality of your mold-based component production, EnviroTech offers comprehensive solutions for troubleshooting and optimizing your molds.

Overseas Mold Improvement Services

In most cases, we have discovered that problematic molds are being manufactured in China and other Asian locations. Because Asian firms advertise mold design and manufacturing services at a substantial discount, many companies take advantage of what they believe could be a cost-effective solution.

Once they put the molds into production, however, they find that their failure rate is high. They waste more raw materials and production efficiency drops when problems arise in the fabrication process.

Ultimately, the problems that arise from Chinese molds can cost substantially more than the original savings, especially if you are forced to replace the molds completely. To help our customers avoid these challenges, EnviroTech provides comprehensive evaluation services to identify and correct the problems.

Mold Troubleshooting

If your injection molds are not performing to specification – or if the components being produced by your molds do not meet quality standards or tolerances – you might not have to throw the molds away and start over.

Our engineers use mold injection simulation technology to identify production quality issues. We can recommend strategies for helping to correct problems and propose solutions to get your production back on track.

We also have the capacity to bench test your molds and processes as well as the resulting components. Based on our results, we can identify solutions that enable you to move forward without starting over or investing in new molds.

Mold Optimization

Even when injection molded components appear to be produced to proper specifications, problems related to faulty molds can arise later. Increased component failure and warranty issues can be clear indicators of an issue.

With EnviroTech’s mold optimization services, you can reduce component failure and the associated costs of warranty repair and replacement. Improving quality and reliability ensures long-term success and reduces overall production costs over time.

We understand the importance of balancing quality and cost as well as efficiency and time. We also realize the importance of efficient production and fast turnaround. We conduct all design, engineering, troubleshooting and testing on-site, at our state-of-the-art production facility.

Here at EnviroTech, we are injection molding experts. With more than a half-century of experience, we put our expertise to work in mold design and manufacturing as well as large capacity production runs. But, if you have already invested in substandard molds, call on us for Chinese mold improvements, including mold troubleshooting and mold optimization.