Custom Injection Molded Products

For more than 50 years, EnviroTech Custom Injection Molders has provided our clients with exceptional quality custom injection molded products. We are known for our exceptional level of workmanship and our can-do approach to solving problems for our customers.

We work with clients across virtually every industry and sector. We design, engineer and produce custom molds and molded products for clients in the defense industry, oil, and gas, energy, wastewater management, mining, food processing, automotive, aerospace, semiconductors and more.

Although we are virtually unlimited in our capacity for design and fabrication, we have extensive experience in the production of custom molded products such as industrial valves and components, electrochemical components, filtration parts and components, battery housings, pump components, and pipe fittings and flanges.

Custom Solutions for Your Injection Molded Products Needs

When traditional fabrication methods can’t solve your problems, our team can help. We can reverse engineer custom molding solutions that save time and money while producing a superior result.

We approach our custom products from the ground up, ensuring that every aspect of the process – from the mold itself to the polymer resins used in production – are geared toward providing what you need.

We often use a hybrid approach to custom product production, using a combination of techniques such as near net shape molding and machining. Our engineering and design experience has provided us with an incomparable depth of knowledge. This ensures we identify and provide the most responsive solutions for you. In fact, we can even formulate new thermoplastics and engineering resins to meet your needs.

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