Understanding Custom Injection Molding Vocabulary, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the primary vocabulary areas to have a handle on when working with custom injection molding professionals. This is a detailed industry, one that has several distinct terms and phrases you might be exposed...

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Understanding Custom Injection Molding Vocabulary, Part 1

Within the world of custom injection molding, there’s a wide range of new vocabulary terms for many first-timers. Plastic molding is a detailed and thorough process, one that requires a high degree of training and expertise, so it’s no surprise there are a number of...

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Jet Canopy Among Winners in SPD Awards

By Bill Bregar PLASTICS NEW STAFF April 7, 2003 Nashville, Tenn. — An injection-molded, polycarbonate windshield for jet fighters — a major plastics-in-aviation breakthrough that finally is nearing production after 20 years of work — took the top design award at the...

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