• ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Large part precision machining
  • Unique ability to precisely measure critical dimensions on large parts
  • Automated CMM inspection

EnviroTech maintains a modern machine shop using state of the art CNC machines and CAD CAM programming. EnviroTech offers machining capacities with modern Haas and Mori Seiki CNC machines. Our machinery and experienced work force give us the ability to maintain close tolerances on both short and long runs. EnviroTech has a machine envelop of 145”x 85”x 15” for large products and range of machining centers for small high volume components.

The stark differences in material properties of plastics and metals create some unique challenges not encountered when machining metals. Even within plastics material properties can vary and different techniques are required to machine different plastics. Material properties that can affect the machinability of a plastic include:

  • Hardness: The softer a plastic is the more difficult it becomes to machine. Sometimes a soft plastic must be intensely cooled before it can be properly machined. The machinist must also choose suitable feed and spindle speeds.
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion: Ambient temperature can affect the machinability of a plastic so it’s important to be aware of seasonal changes within the shop. The size of features machined into plastics can fluctuate with temperature changes.
  • Fiber reinforcement: Glass or ceramic fibers are sometimes present in different plastics. The proper tools with the proper sharpness must be used to avoid damaging materials and equipment. Reinforced plastics can release harmful dusts into the air that must be disposed of carefully.
  • Moisture absorption: Coolant may be used to prevent plastics from melting under the intense heat created by friction from tools. Plastics can absorb this coolant and expand, sometimes resulting in incorrect geometry in parts and features after the plastic has returned to its original state.

At EnviroTech our machinists are aware of these critical factors and have experience dealing with various types of plastics. Our expert workforce knows how to make sure your tolerances are met with precision. EnviroTech is prepared to help you with every phase of manufacturing enabling you to create products ready for implementation. From initial design, to molding, and to final machining, we want to ensure your products are both molded and machined to your exact specifications.