Over-molding is effectively layering two or more polymer application techniques on a single component. This process is centered around the use of a secondary resin to add additional layers of shape and structure to an existing “skeleton” component.

Overmolding_Diaphragm_PumpsEnviroTech currently produces and has the capabilities to over-mold a skeleton component, which we mold as well with one polymer resin, with a secondary resin molded around the skeleton for added strength and durability. EnviroTech currently over-molds a range of sizes of chemical and acid resistant diaphragm pumps, and have the knowledge and expertise to help your product development team with solving the toughest challenges.

A polymer resin that has been heated to a temperature just above its glass transition temperature is injection molded over an existing component, which the resin may be near its own glass transition temperature. This process works well when layers with varying geometric profiles are desired around a central “core” structure.

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