About Us

Envirotech Custom Injection Molders is a world leader of large and complex high quality polymer injection molded products with 50+ years of experience and expertise in providing efficient molds, assistance with product design for moldability and polymer engineering support.  Envirotech Custom Injection Molders is the producer of the largest injected polymer products on the market.  We have the capacity for single shots up to 530 lbs., with presses ranging up to 2500 tons and wall thicknesses in excess of 5 inches with precision, quality and repeatability.

EnviroTech molded products have been applicable to a wide range of industries over the years including Oil & Gas, Pipe Fitting and Flanges, Pumps, Valves, Wastewater Management, Filtration, Mining, Semi-Conductors, Electro-Chemical, Defense Department and additional OEM products.  A few of our currently produced E&P industrial products include offshore riser clamps, 8” to 24” natural gas and water pipe fittings, flanges, ball valves, butterfly valves, pump components and seals.  We have the equipment and expertise to manufacture and machine the highest quality void free custom injection molded products and deliver in an efficient and timely manner for your business needs.

EnviroTech has the ability to injection mold virtually any thermoplastic polymer resin and/or resin composition for metal replacement components.  Our polymer injection capabilities include but are not limited to: Polypropylene, polyethylene, PVDF, PFA, Kynar, nylon, ABS, PVC, polycarbonate, Ultem, PPS, PPO, TPU, TPP, Ryton and other engineering resins, FDA approved resins, NSF approved resins, anti-static resins, conductive resins, nucleated resins, glass filled resins, fluoropolymers and mineral resins.

EnviroTech Custom Injection Molders can help you and your team solve the challenges of tomorrow.


Why Choose Us?

20150520_165426With plastics molding and manufacturing EnviroTech has a wide range of capabilities that can provide solutions to the most difficult problems. EnviroTech can injection mold parts up to 536 pounds with thick walled sections nobody else can mold. EnviroTech engineers can provide input on product and mold design. EnviroTech offers a range of service that include fabrication, machining, assembly, bonding, labeling and special packaging. To insure that our customers exceptions are met EnviroTech operates to a proactive quality assurance system that drives advance process control and product quality.

EnviroTech is part of the Klinkau group of companies committed to providing options and solutions to customers. With its corporate resources, EnviroTech is able to provide service and support to its world-wide customers. Over the past 53 years, EnviroTech has been able to provide solutions to customers in all types of industries. From chemical processing and handling equipment to metal replacement technology, EnviroTech has been able to assist customers in solving the most difficult problems.

EnviroTech maintains a relationship with a number of resin suppliers and manufacturers that give us a spectrum of plastic options to offer solutions and options for customer applications. EnviroTech has many years of experience in processing engineered resins for chemical handling and corrosion resistance. As part of its continuous improvement strategy, EnviroTech pursues new resins and processes that allow us to be on the leading edge of plastic technologies, both with molded and fabricated products.

EnviroTech continues to press the limits in molding and developing processes that allow us to produce custom molded products with the plastics that other molding companies cannot process. EnviroTech offers both conventional injection molding capabilities and it’s proprietary bulk molding process giving us a range of solutions other molding companies cannot even consider.

Frequently, EnviroTech engineers assist customers with product design, manufacturability, and mold design input to turning concepts into marketable products.

EnviroTech can provide customers with a range of mold options that include low cost foreign molds to highly complex optically capable molds for Air Force fighter jets.