EnviroTech Custom Injection Molders has been a world leader in large complex polymer injection molding for over 50 years. EnviroTech Custom Injection Molders has a long history of providing the highest quality of customer service, mold design and polymer engineering expertise. Our proprietary custom bulk injection processes open up the door to possibilities never thought possible before. With press ranges up to 2500 tons, single shot sizes up to 530 lbs, uniform wall thickness’s in excess of 5 inches and the ability to mold virtually any thermoplastic polymer resin and material composition.

Founded in 1963 as a plastics subdivision of EIMCO, a supplier of process equipment, the founders of EnviroTech were tasked with developing a revolutionary new drum filter made out of plastics, rather than wood or metal as historically used.
Polypropylene proved to be a suitable material replacement for wood and metal alloys as it was chemical resistant, less porous and stronger than wood, and was a lower cost than the metal alloys. The possibilities for polymer’s in industrial applications were endless and EnviroTech Molded Products, Inc. was born.

EnviroTech primarily manufactured drum filters for the filtration and underground mining industries for our first few years in business. In 1968, a new R&D group was formed with the primary purpose of new product development and implement a new business segment, Custom Injection Molding.

Custom injection molding opened the doors to brand new possibilities. EnviroTech molded products have been applicable to a wide range of industries including: Oil & Gas, Pipe Fittings and Flanges, Pumps, Valves, Wastewater Management, Filtration, Mining, Semi-Conductors, Electro-Chemical, Defense Department, and additional OEM companies.

One of EnviroTech’s very first custom injection molded products was Polypropylene fins attached to an aluminum shaft for the Hercules Solid Rocket Engine. These fins were used to form the internal burning surface of the rockets combustion system. The fins had to be completely void free otherwise, the nitroglycerin would be absorbed and migrate into the voids, which any jar could set off the fins like an explosive.

EnviroTech also played an integral role in one of the first successful commercial portable kidney dialysis machines. In the Mid 1960’s EnviroTech worked with Milton Roy Co. who had previously developed the Model A dialysis machine, also known as the Mini-1. EnviroTech’s revolutionary injection molding process produced the internal filtration components of the dialysis machine reducing cost and efficiencies for the development of the Mini II Hemodialysis Machine, which proved successful and became the first commercial home dialysis machine.

EnviroTech Custom Injection Molder’s can help you and your team solve the challenges of tomorrow.

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