Bulk Injection Molding

BULK_INJECTIONAt EnviroTech Custom Injection Molders, we assist our customers with anything from the most diminutive part to the largest injection molded components. But, when working on substantial components – heavy, thick-walled or especially large – we have capabilities that you may not find elsewhere in the industry.

We have assembled a substantial collection of state-of-the-art equipment at our in-house design and production facility. Using cutting-edge technology and a half-century of experience, we have the ability to produce extremely large, heavy and thick-walled injection molded components.

Large Part Injection Molder

As the leading large part injection molder in the United States, EnviroTech designs, engineers and produces large injection-molded polymer resin components. Our streamlined processes and in-house production facility allow us to complete massive production runs quickly and affordably.

Our strict and exacting quality control processes allow us to provide consistently high-quality results without sacrificing time or economy. With our ability to customize injection molding solutions for our customers, you get the results you demand, time after time.

Thick Walled Injection Molding

Our company is known around the world as the industry leader in thick-walled injection molding. We have one of the largest shot capacities in the industry, allowing us to produce exceptional quality thick wall molding components that are void-free. We also design, engineer and manufacture large shot and thick-walled molds.

Our technology and sophisticated automation capabilities allow us to complete even the most massive thick wall molding production runs quickly without compromising quality output. Even complex components are no match for our experience and capability.

Heavy injection Molding

Using thermoplastics and polymer resins, EnviroTech has the ability to manufacture substantial components that have all the benefits of polymer injection molded parts – reduced cost, quick turnaround, minimal environmental impact – as well as the desired weight.

Heavy injection molding uses a variety of space-age materials and additives to achieve the weight you need. Our processes ensure timely production and exacting standards of quality as well as the affordability you enjoy with standard injection molded products.


Our expansive facility operates around the clock to meet our customers’ needs. And, although we consistently meet the needs of our clients, we always strive to exceed their expectations.

We offer a wide variety of polymer and engineering resin materials for you to choose from. We can recommend the best materials for your needs or, if necessary, we can work with our engineering resin manufacturing partners to design a material formulation just for you.

We assist customers across virtually every sector and industry, including defense, mining, energy, oil and gas, agriculture, automotive, and deep-sea drilling rigs. We specialize in mold design, polymer resin engineering, mold optimization and troubleshooting, and custom injection molding of all types.

When you need the best heavy, large or thick wall molding services, call on the experts at EnviroTech for all your bulk and custom injection molding needs.

EnviroTech’s unique proprietary bulk injection molding process allows EnviroTech to manufacture and produce large thick-walled polymer components that are simply impossible for other injection molders.

EnviroTech has over 50 years of experience and expertise in the injection molding space, optimizing part design for mold-ability and polymer resin engineering. With presses ranging from 850 – 2500 tons, and our experienced process control techniques that give us the ability to mold virtually any thermoplastic polymer resin and additive composition (see Polymer Resin Section), that opens the door to products for metal replacement and a wide range of industrial applications that were never before believed possible.

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