Plastic Bonding

EnviroTech Custom Injection Molders provides an encompassing plastic bonding solution package to meet all our customers’ needs. EnviroTech uses multiple plastic bonding techniques in order to bond similar materials together. Some of the techniques that our experienced plastic bonding team use include, but are not limited to: 

  • Hot knife bonding: The hot knife tools we use at our plastic molding company cut through all types of plastics quickly and cleanly. The heat from the blade warms the plastic sufficiently so that the edges are smooth and flush, providing the perfect surface for a durable plastic bond.  
  • Hot air bonding: With this method of plastic bonding, we use hot air to heat up edges of the plastic pieces to be bonded, essentially melting them together. This type of plastic bonding produces an extremely strong bond. 
  • Wire bonding: Commonly used in electronics, wire bonding is a method of attaching wires to connection pads. Often the viability of a product such a fighter plane or an electronic laser scalpel comes down to the strength and reliability of its internal wire bonding. 
  • Wire mesh bonding: Regardless of the application you are using it for, wire mesh bonding is a dependable, durable method of bonding that reinforces and strengthens any bond.  
  • Spin weld bonding: With spin welding, also known as spin weld plastic bonding, our machinery spins one part at high speed while the other part remains stationary. The heat generated by the spinning allows the plastic to soften and the parts to bond. This plastic bond provides a hermetic seal at a lower cost that other plastic bonding methods. 

Plastic bonding is a dependable bonding solution that offers several advantages over adhesive bonding. One is the strength of the bond itself — melting two materials together often provides a bond that is superior to the one that adhesives can provide. Additionally, if your plastic components are clear and will be observable by consumers, you will want the cleanest bond possible — no visible adhesives. Thus, plastic bonding is the preferred bonding method for applications in many industries, including construction. 

EnviroTech also has the testing capabilities to ensure that every bond made meets our quality standards. EnviroTech pressure tests bonds at 120 PSI to ensure a leakfree bond. We also offer custom testing programs individual injection molding projects. 

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