QHSE Business Systems Manual
Document Number: MGT002-1
Released Date: 07/11/2016
DWG Revision: G
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Letter from the President

To facilitate flawless solutions and services EnviroTech maintains ISO 9001:2015 certification. We believe that we can leverage the ISO business format to have practical and agile business practices. We demand a high level of focus on process control and our quality system gives our customer’s confidence that hey will receive a product that meets their stringent expectations.

We take quality to a whole new level, every employee is considered part of our Quality Assurance team. We measures our quality performance with the standard metrics of plant scrap, ppm, customer returns, rework and cost of quality. We have added another dimension with the use of the customer score cards that rate us as a supplier. Our performance gain sharing system rewards EnviroTech associates for having exceptional performance scores from our customers. Custom satisfaction and perceptions are keys to our success and everyone at EnviroTech is part of the customer service team.

Dave Farrell

Custom Injection Molding

The Company

EnviroTect Molded Products was founded in 1963 to provide our customers with superior quality molded plastic parts. EnviroTech serves a variety of end-use and OEM markets in all their plastic needs. All products and services provided by EnviroTech Molded Products conform tot he requirements specified by our Customers.

QHSE policy

EnviroTech Molded Products is committed to:

  • Do it right the first time
  • Vigorous pursuit of continual improvement
  • Fix it now
  • The safest place to be
  • Reducing the environmental impacts of the over all business through reduce, recycle and reuse programs.