Industrial Molding for Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts

Extensive Industrial Molding Production Capabilities

At EnviroTech one of the ways we differentiate ourselves is through our industrial molding production capabilities. We utilize state of the art equipment and proprietary manufacturing processes to service a limitless cross-section of Injection Molded product consumers. Although we produce the largest injection molded parts in the world, it doesn’t matter if your part is 2oz with a .020” wall, or 550 lbs with a 5” wall, we have the capability, experience, and expertise to produce it. No matter how complex the configuration, or how exacting the requirements are, our global engineering resources will collaborate to provide you with the best solution to your industrial molding needs. We service a wide variety of industries providing injection molded components for both end-use customers and for original equipment manufacturers, or OEM manufacturers.

Advanced Product Design Solutions for OEM Customers

For over 52 years Envirotech has provided its engineering expertise to support original equipment manufacturers with product design solutions and industrial molding manufacturing methods that other companies deem impossible. Our company often participates with resin manufactures in the development, trial, and testing of new resins. We strive to keep ourselves at the forefront of providing leading-edge resin options for industries that include semiconductors, electrochemical processing, mining, chemical processing, oil fracking, waste treatment, hazardous waste storage, pipe fittings, pump, filters, filter plates, food processing, wine and beer production, paper and pulp processing, and military components.

Utilizing our automated equipment and lean manufacturing expertise we can support the high volume requirements of our industrial molding and OEM customers. We provide prototyping services to assist in the design and development of industrial molded products, it is common for us to process prototype parts with parts machined from molded slab stock. We also assist our customers in the selection of the most cost-effective injection mold so that we can facilitate a lower overall procurement cost. We provide expertise in the mold design, number of mold cavities and mold quality with an eye toward optimal product cost. We also provide assistance in analyzing the total costs involved with the purchase and ownership of a mold. The total cost of ownership calculations provides the necessary data to allow our customers to make informed economic decisions about the investment of a mold and part cost.

Our Value Steam Teams Provide Shorter Lead-Times

In the global market fastest lead-times are critical. We recognize the importance of short lead-times and being the first to market. To help our customers meet the short lead-time requirements we can offer inventory management methods including; pull or KanBan system, consignment programs, resin stocking, and vendor managed inventories. We utilize value stream mapping and lean cost reduction methods to contain cost and provide high product quality. Value Stream Teams at EnviroTech work directly with the customers so that we can have a direct line of sight to the customer’s needs. Our Value Stream Teams have a true sense of loyalty and ownership with our customers. This sense of loyalty and ownership translates in to flawless performance and long term relationships with customers.

Below is just a small sampling of some of the Additional Markets we produce Custom Injection Molded parts for:

• Traffic control devices – department of Transportation
• Pump system dampers and accumulators
• Fighter jet canopies
• Pulp and paper conical cleaning components
• Food processing trays and other components
• Electrochemical process plates
• Cable drums and sheaves
• Vibration isolators
• Plating hanger arms