Membrane Plates

EnviroTech is the World’s leading supplier of Custom Injection Molded Filter Plates and components for the filtration industry. Our engineering and mold design experience, plastics expertise, and molding process & machining capabilities, make EnviroTech the world benchmark for quality large custom injection molded filtration parts. Using NC machining equipment and skilled part finishing resources allows EnviroTech to provide customers with the ability to specify the custom design and features to meet their product needs. Our reputation in the filtration industry is established by our customers who are the largest consumers of Custom Injection Molded Filter Plates and Filter Components in the world.

Membrane Plate Product Features

• 470mm, 630mm, 1000mm, 1225mm, 1500mm
• Standard membrane plates molded in PP w/Elastomer membranes
(EPDM, Buna-N, Viton, TPE)
• Easy replaceable membrane design
• All membrane or mixed pack system options
• Multiple feed eye options; Corner, Center, Off-center
• Multiple discharge options; washing and non-washing
• Individual or common squeeze port options
• up to 7 bar feed and 16 bar squeeze pressures
• Improved moisture reduction thru high pressure squeeze
• Increased capacity thru faster cycles
• More efficient wash and blow with even cake density
• Ability to handle variable batch size & densities
• Pressure differentials are minimized thru lower filtration pressures
(lower feed pressure – balanced high pressure squeeze)
• For applications with compressible solids that need low moisture content, high wash/blow efficiency, and increased throughput
• Markets include; Chemical, Mining, Industrial, Industrial Waste, Municipal Waste, Food & Beverage

Membrane Plate Product Features

Technical Information

Membrane filter technology provides considerably better cake quality and increased cake dry solids. The final dewatered cake is a result of mechanical squeezing by the membrane. The replaceable membrane can be easily replaced without taking the plate out of the filter press.
The significant advantage of the membrane filter plate technology is that the unproductive pressure filtration phase is replaced by squeezing with the membrane. Thus, the filtration phase is conducted in only the efficient stage of the filtration cycle.
Furthermore, the filtration cycle times are shorter and due to the even spread of pressure, a homogeneous permeability is created within the cake and the efficiency of dewatering and cake blow are profoundly higher.
The EnviroTech Elastomer Membrane Filter Plate is manufactured with a center core body plate, custom injection molded from PP, and two elastomer molded membranes which are attached to each side of the core body plate.
The membranes are supported by the core body plate and assure a gently controlled membrane movement during the filtration phase.
The Membrane Filter Plate design requires a minimum cake thickness before squeeze of 1/3 of the initial chamber thickness. Many filtration processes differ in solids content and filtering characteristics that may cause the risk of uncontrolled filling of the chamber. The EnviroTech replaceable membrane plate is designed to minimize the added stresses to the membrane if the plates are pressurized with less than 2/3 of the chambers being filled with cake solids.