Flush Plates and Frames

EnviroTech is the World’s leading supplier of Custom Injection Molded Filter Plates and components for the filtration industry. Our engineering and mold design experience, plastics expertise, and molding process & machining capabilities, make EnviroTech the world benchmark for quality large custom injection molded filtration parts. Using NC machining equipment and skilled part finishing resources allows EnviroTech to provide customers with the ability to specify the custom design and features to meet their product needs. Our reputation in the filtration industry is established by our customers who are the largest consumers of Custom Injection Molded Filter Plates and Filter Components in the world.

Flush Plates and Frames Product Features

• 24in, 36in, 42in
• Standard plates and frames molded in corrosion resistant PP
• Excellent cake washing capability
• Excellent cake air blow-down capability
• Variable Cake thicknesses up to 25mm to 50mm
• Filter Cloth can be easily changed
• For applications with low solids & high flow and those that require high wash or cake blow efficiency
• Markets include; Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical

Chamber Plate Product Features

Technical Information

The oldest and most well known method of solid/liquid separation is the use of filter plates and frames, including flush plates. In history, filter plates and frames were made of wood and today, like all other filter plate systems they are made of plastic.
The filtration with filter plates and frames is a pure pressure filtration, just as it is with chamber filter plates. The individual chambers are filled with slurry and the cake builds up on the filter cloth. The cake is dewatered by increasing the pressure in the chamber.
This filtration technology creates a homogeneous filter cake and provides very good washing results.
Besides filter cloths, other filter media can be used such as paper filter layers or single-use filter layers.