At EnviroTech Custom Injection Molders, we’re proud to serve as your go-to shop for outsourced plastic injection molding needs. From basic custom injection molding design up to numerous molding, machining and testing capabilities, there’s no project or job type we can’t handle for you to streamline your manufacturing needs.

For some businesses, there’s an internal tug-of-war between whether to attempt to produce their own plastic injection molded components or to outsource them to experts like ours. And while there may have been equal arguments on both sides of this debate a couple decades ago, the last number of years has seen several major improvements in outsourced injection molding efficiency and production – to the point where in the vast majority of cases, outsourcing injection molding is the way to go. This two-part blog series will go over a number of reasons why this is the case.

Financial Benefits

First and foremost, every company cares about their bottom line. Outsourcing your custom injection molding is one fantastic way to improve yours.

For many molding needs, it’s the details that really count. Specifications of a given product are of paramount importance in many cases, and require detailed training and skills that most businesses and employees simply don’t have. An outsourced injection molding company like ours, however, has already invested in the infrastructure to handle these kinds of jobs, saving you numerous costs in materials, maintenance and other areas.

Increased Product Quality

Cost savings isn’t as desirable if the product in question suffers in quality, but that’s not the case with outsourcing your injection molding. Rather, the opposite is true: There’s a huge gap in quality between services like ours and lower-level amateurs. From the design phase all the way up through production and reproduction, we’re experts in the injection molding process and produce only the finest final products.

Scaling and Volume

Another major issue for many businesses that outsourcing solves: The need for volume and the scaling up of certain part designs. Most business molding capabilities stop well short of being able to produce and reproduce high volume of the same part, both quickly and without any quality loss – specific injection molders like ours, however, are familiar with such projects and will complete them with ease.

Inventory Streams

The above means that for businesses that rely on their supply chains, there will be no issues for injection molded parts. You can always rest easy knowing your production is handled, even if you get a far larger order than you’re used to – you’ll deal with no missed deadlines or resulting dissatisfied customers.

For more on the benefits of outsourcing your injection molding needs, or to learn about any of our plastic injection molding services, speak to the staff at EnviroTech Custom Injection Molders today.