For many high-precision manufacturing industries, including custom injection molding, price quotes and estimates are vital and standard parts of the process. Clients will sit down with manufacturers to go over everything from budget to precise needs and applications for the project, allowing the engineering company to provide a basic quote and price estimate based on these factors.

At EnviroTech Custom Injection Molders, we’re happy to sit down with you and lay out a price quote for any of our custom molded products, from slab stock molding to polymer molding, thick-walled injection and numerous other specialty machining services. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over several of the questions or themes you should be discussing with your injection molding professionals as you provide them with proper information for a quote, allowing both sides to ensure the quote is accurate and detailed.

CAD Drawings and Other Samples

A CAD drawing, or computer-aided design drawing, is one that can be produced in either 2D or 3D to help display the various components of a given engineering or manufacturing project. It’s one of several possible prints, samples or related formats for presenting basic information on the part that’s desired from the manufacturer.

For an accurate quote, the molder needs to know what they’re being asked to make. The more detail you can provide here, including drawings that are to-scale or samples that showcase the desired final outcome, the better your molder will be able to match this with in-house capabilities and get you an accurate quote.

Existing Mold Use?

Another major factor to ask about and keep in mind is whether the molder might be able to use an existing mold for the parts you require. For common part types, this may be possible – our molds are high-quality and useful for more than one project, so for unattended molds made from quality materials, you may be able to save a significant sum if we can use an existing mold for your project.

In other cases, no such existing mold will be present and your costs may be a bit higher. In either case, it’s good to find out whether a previous mold is viable here.

End-Use Application Themes

Just because the part molder won’t be using the part in its final application doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have knowledge of this application for their work. They require this information, as knowing the end-use application helps the manufacturer determine how sturdy and durable the part needs to be, which can impact the resins and additives used and significantly alter your quote in many cases.

For more on the important factors involved in a price quote for a custom injection mold, or to learn about any of our molding services, speak to the staff at EnviroTech Custom Injection Molders today.