Filtration Components

Coors brewery plateEnviroTech is the World’s leading supplier of Custom Injection Molded Filter Plates and Filtration Components. Our extremely experienced engineering staff provides expert part design assistance, reliable and cost effective mold design, and material selection guidance that ensures our customers receive exactly what they are asking for. Our engineering expertise and utilization of our proprietary bulk injection molding process have resulted in EnviroTech becoming the world’s leading supplier of high quality, large, custom injection molded filtration parts. We have a reputation for producing products that other injection molding companies deem impossible. Over the past fifty years EnviroTech has produced custom injection molded filter plates, custom injection molded drum filters ranging from 3′ to 14′ in diameter, custom injection molded disc filters, custom injection molded filter housings, custom injection molded vessels, custom injection molded bag housings and other large scale custom injection molded components to support a wide variety of industry filtration applications for some of the largest most demanding companies in the world. As an Alternative to Compression Molding our proprietary process of bulk injection molding allows us to mold larger, more structurally sound, plastic sections that can fabricated and assembled into the largest filtration devices in the world.

Envirotech’s use of CNC machining equipment, skilled part finishing, and assembly resources allows us to provide our customers with a completed precision custom injection molded product that is ready for integration into their product or even shipment to the end customer. Our reputation as being the premier supplier of large injection molded products in the filtration industry is supported by the fact that we are the supplier of choice for the largest consumers of Custom Injection Molded Filter Plates and Filter Components in the world.


Here is a list of just some of the products we can help you with in this area:

• Flush filter plates & frames
• Non-gasketed chamber filter plates
• Gasketed chamber filter plates
• Mineral filter plates
• Aluminum fines filter plates
• Pressure leaf filter plates
• Bag filter housings, baskets, handles, bag retainers, covers
• Cartridge filter housings
• Rotary disc filter components
• Rotary drum filter components