We manufacture the LARGEST custom injection molded parts in the world. Our proprietary custom injection molding process allows us to manufacture parts that are simply impossible for other injection molders to produce. We have over 50 years of experience in the production of Chemical Production Plates, Cell Frames, and Pump Components used in the harsh chemical production environment. Our extensive experience and knowledge of engineered plastics allows us to offer services that support the research and design of electrochemical components for energy storage systems, batteries, fuel cell, electro-dialysis, separation, sensors, chemical synthesis and waste stream recycling among many other products.

Because of our Unique Capabilities our exposure in the Chemical Processing Industry is very broad. We commonly mold components used for Ultra-high purity fluid containment required for the manufacture of semiconductors. Our customers come to us to produce components that comply with the stringent clean requirements necessary for the production of microelectronics and we deliver those products worry free on a routine basis. Our cell frames are also being used world-wide in nickel production.

Many of our AS-MOLDED products replace existing, highly expensive, fabricated, or steel products, allowing our customers both reduced product cost and shorter lead-times. We can custom mold Cathode, Anode, and End Plates to meet any specialized electrolysis application. With our molding processes we can mold fully integrated components with corrosion resistant plastics that allow equipment manufactures to reduce cost and eliminate fabrication time. EnviroTech specializes in the bonding and fabrication of plastics, this allows us to assemble chemical cell and machine components.If needed our post-molding fabrication processes along with our experience with the fabrication of large plastics can provide our customers with product options that no other molding company is capable of. We also provide assembly, kitting, special labeling and packaging services. To further reduce cost and hassle we have developed expertise in lean manufacturing, production planning, and vendor managed inventories. Our engineering and quality staff have extensive experience in the aerospace and automotive industries and we take care to apply similar exacting manufacturing methodologies across the board.

Here are some of the products we produce for these markets:

• Cathode frame used in electro-winning or electro-refining
• Anode grids used in electro-plating
• De-watering components
• Plates and Frames used commonly for membrane and diaphragm chlorine production

EnviroTech can provide a wide range of engineered plastics and fluoropolymers providing solutions for challenging chemical environments. We provide resins with additives for conductivity, weight reduction, abrasion resistance and thermal stability and we are able to mold with PVDF, PFA, PEEK, Nylon, PVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylene