We take pride in a number of our services and qualities at EnviroTech Custom Injection Molders, from our custom injection molding products to our product engineering and agricultural machinery manufacturing. We also are enormously proud of our versatility – our products and services are used across a huge range of popular industries, with vital purposes that serve a wide variety of people on a daily basis.

From machining and testing to various plastic bonding needs, what are some of the top industries that benefit from custom injection molding and related services? This two-part blog will go over the basics of plastic injection molding, plus some of the top applications generally found within this realm.

How Injection Molding Works

Many plastic parts are needed throughout popular industries today, and plastic injection molding is one of the most common formats used to produce them. This process involves melting plastic in our injection molding machine, then injecting the melted material into the actual mold of the part itself.

From here, the plastic is allowed to cool down, over time solidifying into the proper shape desired. This process can take anywhere from a few seconds in some cases up to 30 minutes or more in others, with longer time cycles generally needed for bulk injection projects.

So what are some of the top industries utilizing these processes for their parts? Let’s dive in.

Buildings, Construction and Contracting

One of the industries that counts plastic injection molding as an extremely valuable process is the construction and building world. Contractors and design professionals within this realm are constantly in need of parts that are stable and durable, even when exposed to harsh elements and significant wear-and-tear – and that’s exactly what they get through quality plastic injection molding, which creates some of the strongest and most long-lasting parts out there.

In addition, the cost benefits of injection molding are hugely valuable to construction professionals, far exceeding the cost efficiency of metal and wood alternatives. Plastic molds are highly energy-efficient and recycle easily, plus are lightweight and easy to operate on a regular basis. Finally, from a design standpoint, custom injection molding products come in a variety of potential styles and finishes.

Food and Beverage Industries

One of the top priorities within the food and beverage industry: Safety, from FDA certifications and GMA compliance to sanitary products and areas for customers to spend time in. And because plastic products can be created using food-grade materials that are non-toxic, BPA free and designed to be GMA-safe at all times, they’re enormously valuable in this industry as well.

There are several additional properties many food and beverage industries require here. These include chemical resistance, UV light resistance, and autoclavable material usage. For this reason, injection molding can be used to create everything from beverage caps and filtering items to conveyor systems, containers, processing equipment, and many others.

For more on how plastic injection molding is valuable in a diverse range of industries, or to learn about any of our injection molding services, speak to the staff at EnviroTech Custom Injection Molders today.